Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Why is our style of marketing more effective than competitors?

A/ By taking our client's brand directly to its audience, we can deliver an experience unlike any other, We make sure that our interactive, face to face service enhances the way people think of the company. We provide a personal approach rather than just a business transaction, which our clients love because their customers are starting off their experience with the company with a personal relationship. 

Q/ How long does a campaigns last? 

A/ Each client's needs and goals are unique to them, so our campaigns are tailored to that precisely. We have clients who only need our campaigns for a fiscal quarter and other who need ongoing campaigns. 

Q/ Why would outsourcing be good for your business?

A/ It’s important not to spread yourself too thin as a business owner. Rather be a master at one element of your business that generates you income as opposed to a jack of all trades. This is why many companies outsource their accounting, printing and design work, as well as PR services, recruitment, sales and marketing. By doing so they can then focus on their products and services and in-house customer service.

Overall, the main reason to outsource certain functions to specific companies is because they are a specialist in that area.

Acme are specialists in direct marketing and sales – and that’s why we’ve experienced such amazing growth since inception.

Q/ Experiential and direct marketing are great ... But what type of products benefit from integrating direct marketing promotional activities?

A/ Any product or service that has an appeal to the market as a whole. Further any product that can be purchased anywhere in the country or the world. Acme has worked with clients in the telecommunications, food, health, security, energy, and charity industries.

Q/ So, I read through the website but I still don't really get it. What does Acme actually do?

A/ We are an independent outsource marketing and consulting firm. We do a wide variety of things for our clients that include but are not limited to: market and data analytics, public relations, experiential marketing events, sales, and client to consumer customer service. 

Q/(For Applicants) I have a really creative side and the only experience I want is to work on the "technological" side of marketing. Do you run client's social media or graphic design?

A/ Our clients have spent years and in most cases decades developing their brands. As a third party and consultant to our clients, Acme does everything in its power to ensure that our clients brands are protected. The short answer is NO, but we can certainly work around existing marketing in order to build the customer experience, as we did last year when we built an events campaign for an app-based meal kit delivery service.

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